General terms and conditions

Web-shop and B2B are intended solely for Slovenian customers. All others can contact us on:
+386 2 460 55 55 or

Working hours:
Monday-Thursday: 8:30 – 17:00
Friday: 8:30 – 14:30


All business partners, which would like to cooperate with us, must firstly register in our system. Company Intrade d.o.o. must receive from each foreign company its registration documents, proof of VAT number, bank details and contact details. We also need our customer application form filled in.


Offers and requests are being send to e-mail, Skype, WhatsApp or over telephone. We reserve the right to mistakes and changes.


After you are registered in our system, you can send us your order only in written form on our e-mail. You need to confirm your order with your company stamp and signature on our proforma invoice, which you send back to us via e-mail. After receiving confirmed proforma invoice on our e-mail, resignation from the purchase is not possible. With their signature on our proforma invoice, the buyer is obligated to fully pay for their goods before collection and that the goods will be collected by themselves at our warehouse. If the buyer doesn't collect the goods 3 days after being informed by the seller that the goods are prepared for collection, then the buyer must cover all additional costs, which they have caused to the seller (costs of storage, logistics …) and at the same time, the buyer is obligated to pay 20 % contractual penalty for failed business.

When the buyer sends more orders for the same product, the orders combine and are as one complete order. The buyer pays 20 % advance deposit for the entire order, which may be on multiple proforma invoices. If anything changes while we wait for delivery (delivery dates or quantity of the ordered goods), we reserve the right to these changes and the same terms and conditions apply (the buyer can not cancel the order, even if the quantity of the goods is not as previously ordered). For goods that are not on stock / not available for fast supply, so we must order them, we also reserve the right to possible change in quantity and other information.

Payment terms are 100 % advance. In case the goods are not on stock and we order them explicitly on the basis of customer's request/order, the buyer must pay 20 % deposit and 80 % before collection of the goods.


IBAN: SI56 0510 0801 6090 255

IBAN: AT45 20815 00006564868


All prices are EXW Maribor. Buyer must organize transport by themselves and collect goods in Maribor. Intrade d.o.o. may help to look for and organize transport, but the buyer alone bears all costs and risks after the collection of goods. Intrade d.o.o. is not responsible for any possible damages of goods or any other damages, which might occur during transport.
The buyer is responsible for goods after collection.

If the buyer is picking up goods on their own and has no space in the vehicle for loading goods on pallets, we need written confirmation of loading without pallets. The buyer bears all responsibility. The buyer/their forwarder/driver must load manually goods by themselves. The pallets will be brought to the vehicle and handed over to the buyer's transport vehicle.

Also, in case that Intrade d.o.o. is helping buyer to find transport or is organizing transport for the buyer, Intrade d.o.o. is not responsible for any possible damages, which might occur during transport. Any possible damage, which occurs during transport, is insured with Carrier's liability insurance, which is ___ € / kg (as is the tariff). If the buyer wants to enter into additional insurance of goods, they need to take care of this themselves at their own expense.
Every damage or shortage of the goods needs to be mentioned on the CMR and delivery note. Any later complaints or complaints without mentions on the CMR (all copies) and delivery note are not valid and logistics/forwarders or Intrade will not take any responsibility for them. Pictures of damaged goods and video of the stock while arriving to the buyer's delivery address are mandatory.
All damages or shortages must be mentioned/recorded at the time of unloading the received goods, which has to be done under video surveillance.


The manufacturer of the products gives the warranty to the consumer with which the manufacturer has no direct contractual relationship. Therefore, Intrade d.o.o., as a seller, does not provide its own warranty but the warranty is within the brand of the purchased product.


All hidden failures must be put in writing and approved by an authorized service, which is also handling the reclamation.


We reserve the right to mistakes, changes, technical changes, supply options, change of procedures in programs.


With registration in our system you proved that you're informed about our general terms and conditions and that you agree with them. Otherwise registration is not allowed.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us:
+386 2 460 55 55 or
Maribor, 13.11.2019

Intrade d.o.o.